‘Avatar’ Hype Continues Unabated

avatar_promo_artworkThe USA’s AMC cinema chain has decided to start accepting bookings for their December 8th midnight premieres of James Cameron’s sci-fi spectacular Avatar – on the basis of the excitement that accompanied the recent public screenings of snippets from the film.

In the meantime, some mischievous YouTube wit has taken footage from the German drama Downfall (in which Adolf Hitler berates his men), and added new, ‘improved’ subtitles, which have the dictator rant on about James Cameron’s lack of judgement in making Avatar. (This same film clip has already been used numerous times, for various wags’ satirical purposes.)

Some journalists have asked whether such ridicule will bring the film into disrepute, thereby damaging its chances at the box office. I seriously doubt that, however. All it willl do, in my opinion, is add to the dense cloud of hype that’s already gathering around the movie.

As Oscar Wilde was apparently alleged to have said (though apparently didn’t), “The only thing worse than being spoken about is *not* being spoken about…”

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