MJ’s Swansong Goes Out in 2-D

Michael's 3-D footage stays under wraps

Michael's 3-D footage stays under wraps

Shortly after Michael Jackson’s passing, word went out from the Sony camp that they had footage of Michael rehearsing for his big This Is It tour of Europe. Tantalisingly, we were informed that much of it was shot using the latest 3-D technologies.

Somewhere between the promise and reality, however, fortune has burped – and left *us* with the after-taste. Fans of the King of Pop will undoubtedly still be storming the box office for tickets, although the 3-D geeks amongst us will be left nursing bruised hopes.

This Is It releases on October 28th in the States, and on October 30th in South Africa. 3-D fans will hopefully find consolation in the fact that The Christmas Carol (starring Jim Carrey) opens in SA the following week in 3-D. This is about the 15th time that the Dickens classic has been made into a film – if one considers variations such as the Muppets take on this timeless story. It is, however, the famed morality tale’s debut in three dimensions. I have, if you’ll pardon the awful Dickensian joke, great expectations…

[P.S. Disappointed fans who’d looked forward to seeing MJ brought back to life, so to speak, in 3-D, will be pleased to know that Captain EO, the spectacular 17-minute 3-D attraction that had wowed DisneyWorld visitors in the late ’80s, is going to be brought back by the theme park. And knowing the Disney organisation, which has always been in the forefront of technical innovation and quality (thanks to the lead of Uncle Walt), the film will probably be digitally tweaked and restored before its re-release, in order to bring it in line with current standards.]

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