‘The Final Destination’ Trumps Tarantino

Final Destination 4_speech bubble 2

The latest in the Final Destination horror series has trounced Quentin Tarantino’s latest effort, to achieve Number One slot at the U.S. box office. Many industry observers are saying that, “it’s the 3-D wot dun it”.

I’m not a fan of senseless gorefests, but Final Destination (the first one) had a wry sense of humour about it, and wasn’t too shabby. Essentially, it’s about a group of teens who “cheat death” by getting off a ‘plane moments before it takes off and explodes in mid-air. Death, however, is offended by this travesty of justice, so he pursues each kid in turn, in order to claim the lives that he feels he’s due. Naturally, a spectacular series of supernatural kills follows…

Like so many movies of its genre, Final Destination was spun out into more sequels than its material deserved, and, in the great tradition of franchises such as Jaws and Friday the 13th, the third movie in the Final Destination series (which opened in 2006) was made in 3-D. At that time, however, there were few 3-D cinemas around the world, so the 3-D version slipped by largely unnoticed outside of the States.

Now along comes the fourth part, which has been released in America as The Final Destination. (So they put a “The” in front of the original title, and that’s supposed to clear up any confusion?) In the three years since the release of Part Three, 3-D cinemas have proliferated internationally (SA included), so this time the 3-D won’t go to waste. As for the script, I’m not making any promises…  The film will apparently be released locally under the title of The Final Destination 4: 3-D.

[The Final Destination 4: 3-D opens in South Africa on October 2nd 2009. Please note that numerous gory sequences render it unsuitable for younger viewers.]

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