4th Reich in 3-D? 2 Much for 1?

The4thReichDirector Shaun Robert Smith is busy with a largely UK crew, shooting a 3-D movie in Poland and the Ukraine called The 4th Reich. I’ve seen the flash trailer and other publicity materials, and I’m entertaining serious doubts about the film. Presenting the Nazis as the focus of a sensationalistic, Tom-Savini-style horror flick strikes me as being in the worst possible taste. Surely this trivialises and exploits the suffering of soldiers and civilians who were victims of Hitler’s reign of terror? I suppose I’d have to allow myself to be exposed to the completed film in order to pass fair judgement. I am, however, not holding my breath…


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One Response to “4th Reich in 3-D? 2 Much for 1?”

  1. Chemical Eddie Says:

    I have an open mind about this one, the makers are promising ‘historical accuracy’ and from what I’ve read and seen they look as though they know what they’re doing. The director, although his first time, seems competant enough. I have seen his short ‘The Soldier’ and its good, filmed for no-budget and done in 48 hours, not bad. I believe they intend to create a dark scary film, unlike Outpost and Dead Snow etc which seem to be ‘purely exploitative’ but lets see I may end up eating my words.

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