Comin’ (Back) at Ya! : Retro with Spin

As you've never seen it before!In a previous posting on this blog, I referenced Comin’ at Ya, a glorious romp of an early ’80s 3-D exploitation flick:

The film was, indeed, a “leader in gratuitous 3-D”! I remember seeing it as a kid (and – even back then – stereoscopy geek), and chortling contentedly as all manner of objects were shot, tossed, tipped and otherwise projected into audience-space.

Back then, it put four million bums on seats in the US and Canada (which would equate to $44 million in box office receipts at today’s figures). And this was achieved, mind you, in less than 200 theatres!

At a time when Hollywood is raiding its archives for stories to be remade, it shouldn’t – and didn’t – surprise me that Comin’ at Ya is comin’ right back at us – in a partial remake. “Partial remake?”, I (hopefully) hear you enquire. Yes, partial. It’s actually the same movie, but it’s been digitised – and digitally altered. Dramatically so. Check out

The 2-D (or “flat”) version of this “Noir” re-envisioning has been shown to college students, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. I’ve only seen clips so far of the “reinvented” version, and it looks like a whole lot of trippy fun. Add stereoscopic 3-D to the mix, and there’s no stopping the sensory carnival!

We’re trying to find out whether the film will be released on South Africa’s 3-D circuit, and, if it is, there’s a good argument to be made for midnight screenings. Yeeeeeeee-ha!!!


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