A Very Harold & Kumar 3-D Christmas… but not in South Africa.

The movie is a Warner Brothers/New Line Pictures release, which means that, if it sees a release in SA, it will be courtesy of NuMetro  Distribution. Unfortunately for fans of the H&K franchise, however, when last we checked with NuMetro, they hadn’t slated the film for local release.


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5 Responses to “A Very Harold & Kumar 3-D Christmas… but not in South Africa.”

  1. Wolv Says:

    Thats really dissapointing I loved the first two movies they are epic in their own right, infact I watch the first two movies cause they are such busters. Please bring this movie to sa

  2. Rob Martin Says:

    Too bad! I was really looking forward to this one. Any more recent news regarding its release by NuMetro?

  3. active3d Says:

    Hi guys – Sorry for the late response! I’m afraid that the bad news is that we aren’t going to be seeing the film on South African 3-D cinema screens – and that’s been officially confirmed by NuMetro Distribution. It appears, however, that NuMetro Home Entertainment will be releasing the film on 3-D Blu-ray…

  4. Alex Says:

    I imported it from the USA – come back from the 80s Nu Metro or Next will snatch some more of “your” studios.

  5. active3d Says:

    Alex, I’m glad to hear that our less-than-honest postal workers didn’t relieve you of your import, and I’m curious to know how your price (including customs and postage) compared with 3-D Blu-rays on the shelf in SA.

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