MAD!…agascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted

An Active3D Review


Rating: ****½ stars (out of 5)

Forget about logic and a serious narrative thread, and join the now-familiar displaced New York zoo-dwellers as they follow their friends and ex-zoomates, those irrepressible penguins, to Monte Carlo. How a lion, hippo, zebra and giraffe get from an island near the southern tip of Africa to the French Riviera, is anyone’s guess – but that sets the tone for the movie that follows: just go with it.

From the Euro-glamour of Monte Carlo to the breathtaking excitement of the Big Top, the film offers grand adventure and gleeful, colourful comedy. The relentless barrage of verbal jokes – of the laugh-out-loud variety – is largely targeted at grown-up audiences, whilst the physical comedy romps shamelessly across age barriers. And the 3-D is such that we get yanked into the non-stop action. If I had any quibble, it would be that the pace is unflaggingly frenetic, so I found myself running out of stamina before the film did… but hey; rather exit exhausted than bored!

My advice: scoop up friends and family members of all ages, and head for the closest 3-D cinema that’s screening this latest Dreamworks escapade.

And here’s a bit of box office trivia that will have fans of family entertainment applauding: Madagascar 3 opened at Number One in the USA; $10million ahead of its direct competitor, Prometheus!

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