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An Active3D review: Hotel Transylvania
Rating: *½

Genndy Tartakovsky built his reputation – such as it is – by churning out cheaply-assembled Cartoon Network series such as Powerpuff Girls. Which means that he’s qualified to make a 3-D animated feature, right? Well, not in my eyes.

Count Dracula, we learn, has built a hotel exclusively for the use of monsters. Cue the Mummy, a mis-named Frankenstein’s monster (remember that “Frankenstein” was the guy who made the monster), Quasimodo, and various other folk who would be deemed misfits outside of the hotel’s rarefied atmosphere. Into their milieu stumbles a young skateboarder from the regular human world , and romance blossoms between him and Dracula’s daughter – an issue of concern to Dracula (and to audiences now wearied of Romeo and Juliet rehashes).

But never mind; something might still have been rescued from the paper-thin plot. It isn’t, however. Instead of investing their energy in characterisation and the plot arc (both strong suits over at Pixar), the filmmakers are constantly distracted by any opportunity for a quick gag – and most of these gags are lame, sad to say.

What’s also lamentable is that Tartakovsky’s wasted a strong voice cast; try Andy Samberg, Selena Gomez, Kevin James, Fran Drescher, Steve Buscemi and Jon Lovitz (the latter two being two fave character actors of mine). In the lead voice role is Adam Sandler, cloning Steve Carell’s vocal performance in Despicable Me.

There’s little here to tickle – or maintain – one’s interest.

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