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A Very Harold & Kumar 3-D Christmas… but not in South Africa.

December 9, 2011

The movie is a Warner Brothers/New Line Pictures release, which means that, if it sees a release in SA, it will be courtesy of NuMetro  Distribution. Unfortunately for fans of the H&K franchise, however, when last we checked with NuMetro, they hadn’t slated the film for local release.


Comin’ (Back) at Ya! : Retro with Spin

November 14, 2009

As you've never seen it before!In a previous posting on this blog, I referenced Comin’ at Ya, a glorious romp of an early ’80s 3-D exploitation flick:

The film was, indeed, a “leader in gratuitous 3-D”! I remember seeing it as a kid (and – even back then – stereoscopy geek), and chortling contentedly as all manner of objects were shot, tossed, tipped and otherwise projected into audience-space.

Back then, it put four million bums on seats in the US and Canada (which would equate to $44 million in box office receipts at today’s figures). And this was achieved, mind you, in less than 200 theatres!

At a time when Hollywood is raiding its archives for stories to be remade, it shouldn’t – and didn’t – surprise me that Comin’ at Ya is comin’ right back at us – in a partial remake. “Partial remake?”, I (hopefully) hear you enquire. Yes, partial. It’s actually the same movie, but it’s been digitised – and digitally altered. Dramatically so. Check out

The 2-D (or “flat”) version of this “Noir” re-envisioning has been shown to college students, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. I’ve only seen clips so far of the “reinvented” version, and it looks like a whole lot of trippy fun. Add stereoscopic 3-D to the mix, and there’s no stopping the sensory carnival!

We’re trying to find out whether the film will be released on South Africa’s 3-D circuit, and, if it is, there’s a good argument to be made for midnight screenings. Yeeeeeeee-ha!!!

‘X Games 3-D’ skates past South Africa

August 26, 2009

XGames_3Dmovie_1sht.inddThe X Games – for those of us who aren’t teenagers and/or don’t watch ESPN with religious fervour – is the American “Olympics”, so to speak, of the extreme skateboarding, motorcycling and motocross sector of the sporting community.

X Games 3D The Movie is just what it says it is: a 3-D souvenir of these gravity-defying wheel-burners.

Respected American film reviewers such as Roger Ebert have commented unkindly on the film’s sometimes haphazard approach to documentary film-making, and the cheesy voice-over spoken by Emile Hirsch.

No one, however, has been able to completely deny the appeal of such high-adrenaline antics on a big and unrestrained screen.

The film is a Disney presentation, and I was quite surprised to note that Ster-Kinekor Pictures, the local distributors of Disney product, don’t appear to have it scheduled for South African release.

I frankly believe that the distributors are missing out on a potentially very healthy chunk of box office here, if we consider the average age of South African moviegoers, their preference for action over dramatic content, and the fondness that the average South African has for sports.

We’ve contacted the local Disney representative at Ster-Kinekor, upon whom I can rely for prompt and informative feedback. I’ll report back ASAP… [ UPDATE: ]