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‘Up’ Falls Flat on its Disc

August 19, 2009

Up 3D posterThe Disney/Pixar 3-D family movie Up opened in the States on May 29th, but local audiences are going to have to… well… hang in there, until September 11th. (Apparently, it’s well worth the wait!)

Walt Disney’s home entertainment unit has announced that, when they release the movie on disc (which, in the States, will be on November 10th), it will only be available in 2-D. Bolt, Disney’s recent computer-animated 3-D hit, was also released in flat ol’ 2-D only.

Disney doesn’t seem sure which way to turn when it comes to 3-D releases on DVD/Blu-ray. Other recent Disney 3-D theatrical releases such as Miley Cyrus: Best of Both World’s Concert and The Jonas Brothers 3-D Concert Experience gave the public the opportunity of seeing the films in 3-D at home. The easiest way to achieve this on the average TV set, however, is to use the anaglyph system (such as we’ll be using in our Active 3-D Galleries). This uses those glasses with the coloured lenses – not the most satisfactory solution, but the cheapest and most accessible to all consumers. And at least you’re getting your 3-D kicks!

Yes, many critics and consumers have expressed their dissatisfaction the anaglyph system, but the 3-D discs which Disney released always contained the 2-D option as well (for the more churlish family members!). In fact, I remember that the Miley Cyrus movie was also available in a 2-D-only pack. But at least consumers were offered the choice. Now, it’s a flat nada…

Of course, there are higher-quality 3-D systems being mooted for the Blu-ray format, so maybe Disney is waiting for those to be finalised. They’re probably hoping that we’ll buy the 2-D versions of these films, and then, when the Blu-ray 3-D versions are finally released, we’ll buy those as well. Talk about lessons in retail recycling of the same title…


Conquering New Frontiers

August 19, 2009


You’ll need anaglyphic specs to view these – the sort with Red=Left Eye and Cyan/Blue=Right Eye.

These stereographic photographs were shot by some pretty smart robots, placed upon that mysterious planet by our friends at NASA, whom we have to thank for the pics.

The images of the planet’s surface might not look like much, but if you consider that you’re effectively ‘walking’ on the surface of a planet whose distance varies from about 56 to 400 million km (35 to 250 million miles) from planet Earth, then a bit of excitement would be in order!

I’ve saved the Hebes Chasma image till last. Unlike the other images, which are shot from a standing perspective, looking forward-and-out over the landscape, this final dramatic shot is a Bird’s Eye View, looking directly down into this gaping wound on the planet’s surface . If you consider that its deepest point is 8km from the planet’s surface (that’s 5 miles, for our friends in the UK & U.S.), that’s quite breathtaking…

► The 3-D spex that came with the Spy Kids 3-D DVD or The Adventures of Shark-Boy & Lava Girl DVD are ideal for viewing these anaglyphs. Please note that the spex that came with the recently-released 3-D DVD of Journey to the Centre of the Earth won’t work for these images, unfortunately.

► Please note: If you right-click each image and then click on “Open in New Tab” (or New Window), you’ll see that image in its full size.




Mars: Twin Peaks

Mars: Twin Peaks

Hebes Chasma

Open Up Them Golden Gates

August 18, 2009
Wilkommen, bienvenue, welcome!

Wilkommen, bienvenue, welcome!

Welcome to our Active 3-D Community! With your enthusiasm and assistance, we can make this a gathering place for South Africa’s 3-D fanatics – a place where you’ll find news about the latest 3-D events and equipment, but also a place where you will soon be able to enjoy galleries of 3-D images.

Of course, 3-D fans from all over the world are welcome to drop by. Just tell us where you’re from – it’s interesting to know! I would simply request that community members keep the tone of their communications friendly and/or helpful – there’s enough anger out there already, and we’re here to concentrate on our similarities (i.e. our passion for 3-D). We’ll leave the political squabbles to other websites!

With those few words, let me cut the ribbon, and declare this house open for business, 24/7!