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An Inspirational Celebration of G(l)eekosity

August 11, 2011

An Active3D Movie Review: Glee: The 3-D Concert Movie

Rating (out of 5 stars): **** [Rating for ‘Gleeks’ only!]

What is it about  ‘Glee’ that has captured the hearts and minds of the U.S. – and, indeed, the world? Firstly, it’s more about emotion than intellect. The storylines are contrived and predictable, with characters displaying all the subtlety of metre-high graffiti… So why does it work? For one, the casting is pitch-perfect; to the degree that some characters were even written with a specific performer in mind, rather than the other way around. Its overriding virtue, however, is its ethos; that there’s room for everyone to blossom on this planet, regardless of size, looks, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, or any other ‘otherness’.

In case you hadn’t picked up on this powerful – and less-than-underplayed –  motif, the filmmakers have slotted in, between the live performance sequences (shot during the recent international Glee concert tour) little vignettes about young people whose lives have been changed by the Glee phenomenon. From the shy girl with Aperger’s Syndrome to the midget high school cheerleader, these are real American kids who’ve been empowered by the show’s gospel of acceptance; not only of one another, but of one’s self. These are presented largely in 2-D, apart from some float-out titling.

And yes; I’ve foolishly neglected thus far to mention the series’ other big plus – a choice of some of Western civilisation’s most popular songs, zestfully interpreted by a collection of immensely talented young performers.

Interestingly (and wisely, I thought) both the concert and film keep the performers locked into their Glee personas. Only their character names are used, and even the backstage tomfoolery happens between these fictional members of McKinley High, as opposed to the actors playing them.

Let-downs? A couple of minor grumbles. For one, I would’ve enjoyed more Broadway-style songs and less pop, but then I suppose if you’re performing for an audience of thousands you need to keep the energy levels up there – even if it means leaning toward the more banal. I was also saddened to see that ‘Coach Sylvester’ ended up on the cutting-room floor, despite the fact that she’s in the official trailers – in a party frock with a tracksuit stripe, yet. But these are petty gripes, relative to the show’s overall uplift factor.

Stereoscopy-wise, I haven’t a single complaint: the 3-D rocked. From the close-up-and-personal shots to the crowd shots, it was immersive, present, and easy on the eye. We have a winner!