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SW3D – Bring it ON!!!

October 28, 2011

The other day I saw the trailer of Star Wars Episode One 3-D and I am juiced! Yes, the naysayers have had their bit to say about Episodes 1 to 3, and, whilst they may not have the “classic quality” of the original trilogy (Chapters 4 – 6), if they’re being re-released in 3-D, I’ll be there. Just as I was there when the original trilogy was remixed and re-released in Dolby Digital sound. From what I’ve seen of the trailer, the 3-D conversion is superb. Of course, we shouldn’t be surprised, as it’s taken years to do this stereoptic conversion, and George Lucas was surely not going to subject all those years of love, toil and dedication to a ghastly rush-job, along the lines of last year’s execrable remake of Clash of the Titans.