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3-D Strides the Red Carpet into Legitimacy

October 28, 2009

Director Joe Dante on the red carpet at the Sala Grande, at the 66th Venice Film Festival on September 11th. The beloved filmmaker went home with the first Premio Persol 3-D Award for ‘The Hole’.

Many “serious” film critics have, for years, pooh-poohed 3-D as a “gimmick format”, and one not worthy of scholarly attention. Funny, then, that a 3-D movie (Disney/Pixar’s Up) opened the last Cannes film festival – *and* that the Venice Film Festival now has a special award category for 3-D films, sponsored by the Italian eyewear giant, Persol.

The nominees for the first Premio Persol 3-D award were Up, Coraline, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, The Hole and, depressingly, the godawful My Bloody Valentine. The latter nomination notwithstanding, this new category at the Venice fest indicates the seriousness with which the European movie industry now regards stereoscopic moviemaking. And the award went to… Joe Dante, for The Hole. The film has yet to be picked up by an American distributor, which probably explains why it hasn’t been scheduled for release in South Africa as yet. We’ll keep you posted, however – it’s only a matter of time!

One wonders whether those pompous old farts who’d written 3-D off are choking on their Perrier waters as I write this…


‘Up’ Due to Land in SA

September 3, 2009

up-3d stillI’ve just seen Disney/Pixar’s ‘Up’ in 3-D (it opens in SA on September 11th). Bearing in mind that it’s easy to be disappointed with anything that’s seen this much hype, I was absolutely blown away.

Pixar has hit us with all the goods: we have high adventure, dastardly villains, cliffhanging suspense (often quite literally so), frantic comedy – and, most importantly, moments of drama that are so moving that only the coldest of hearts will fail to be moved.

The 3-D effects are interestingly quite underplayed – to the degree that I frequently forgot that I was watching a 3-D movie. Undoubtedly, the 3-D brings with it the underlying psychological effect of added realism – without resorting to showy, in-your-face effects.

The scriptwriters dealt with subjects – such as death – that aren’t frequently visited in Disney movies. As such, its one of the more “adult” family movies on the block.

I might be shot down by my peers for calling it “uplifting“, but it’s just that – one of the most sublime cinematic experiences you’ll have this year!

‘Up’ Falls Flat on its Disc

August 19, 2009

Up 3D posterThe Disney/Pixar 3-D family movie Up opened in the States on May 29th, but local audiences are going to have to… well… hang in there, until September 11th. (Apparently, it’s well worth the wait!)

Walt Disney’s home entertainment unit has announced that, when they release the movie on disc (which, in the States, will be on November 10th), it will only be available in 2-D. Bolt, Disney’s recent computer-animated 3-D hit, was also released in flat ol’ 2-D only.

Disney doesn’t seem sure which way to turn when it comes to 3-D releases on DVD/Blu-ray. Other recent Disney 3-D theatrical releases such as Miley Cyrus: Best of Both World’s Concert and The Jonas Brothers 3-D Concert Experience gave the public the opportunity of seeing the films in 3-D at home. The easiest way to achieve this on the average TV set, however, is to use the anaglyph system (such as we’ll be using in our Active 3-D Galleries). This uses those glasses with the coloured lenses – not the most satisfactory solution, but the cheapest and most accessible to all consumers. And at least you’re getting your 3-D kicks!

Yes, many critics and consumers have expressed their dissatisfaction the anaglyph system, but the 3-D discs which Disney released always contained the 2-D option as well (for the more churlish family members!). In fact, I remember that the Miley Cyrus movie was also available in a 2-D-only pack. But at least consumers were offered the choice. Now, it’s a flat nada…

Of course, there are higher-quality 3-D systems being mooted for the Blu-ray format, so maybe Disney is waiting for those to be finalised. They’re probably hoping that we’ll buy the 2-D versions of these films, and then, when the Blu-ray 3-D versions are finally released, we’ll buy those as well. Talk about lessons in retail recycling of the same title…